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Since we have forums here, I thought it could be a decent way to compile information and discuss figure news, which is hard to do on the socials.

So Black Major's latest customs are Snow Serpents, they look pretty good.

They look cool, though the distribution method on this group isn't really my cup of tea! Nice to see Snow Serpents get made!

I'm so far out of the loop when it comes to these factory customs these days.  Cool to see the snow serpent mold get some use.

Mike T.:
I don't like having to go to three different sellers to get the three repaints I want.  But, at this point, I'll take anything.

Was never a Snow Serpent fan.  But, some of these are really nice.

Anyone ever get booted from  following Black Major instagram  with no explanation?

I dunno about these people who are only on instagram to sell things.


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