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Theme Week: Favourite Factory Customs
Description: Alright guys, these might be my actual favorite. Only reason I haven't used them more is just because Cobra Eco-Warriors tend to step on each others toes pretty bad. The colors were just superb on these, and it's the kind of idea I wish TBM would revisit every once in a while. The inward pointing toe sucks, but all of the Cobra Troopers from around then were pretty great.
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Posted by: Nekoman June 01, 2024, 04:13:16 PM

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The avatar's from the gallery are off the hook!

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June 05, 2024, 02:05:33 PM
Really nice setting, the foreground grass rules. Cool to see them with the Eco-Warriors HISS Tank, too.

At the time I wasn't really buying much, but got a Letal from 00zxcvb. I hadn't warmed to using colour as much, so I didn't really give the figure much time of day.

Seeing him might make me do something with mine.
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June 02, 2024, 10:36:08 PM
Wow these are vibrant!  I forgot these existed, I don't think I have any of the troopers from this particular period.  The one with the silver sigil and Letal colors I think would be my favorite of the two.  Although the purple trimmed ones might look cool with my repainted septic tank.
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June 02, 2024, 02:13:07 AM
Wow, these are a great choice. Incandescent!

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