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I Was Wrong
Description: I thought the Skystrikers were going to light the aftermarket on fire.  That doesn't appear to be the case, though.  Some of them are selling for around $35 shipped.  I suspect these will be one of those sets, though, that, in a couple of years, we'll all lament not army building.  But, I am shocked they are so cheap these days.
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Posted by: Mike T. May 20, 2023, 02:10:14 AM

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July 14, 2023, 09:50:12 PM
I picked up a couple extras, since they were really cheap, even initially. I'll say they look better once they're in a group, than as singles.

Still, I think Hasbro really missed the boat on the Retro line, everything was poorly done, and since it was such a terminally online way of selling things, maybe not doing the COBRA Trooper would've been beneficial, considering that everyone has at least 50 of the damn mold from The Black Major.
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June 04, 2023, 05:25:46 PM
I've yet to purchase any of the recent o-ring releases.  Something just looks off about them to me.  
Now it sounds like the o-ring revival line is dead due to budget constraints, at least that's what I've heard.
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May 20, 2023, 08:50:53 PM
Melting economy + lack of hype. They'll probably gain some value one day, but you've also got to remember that they aren't that rare: with 15k produced these are many, many times more common than convention figures or anything TBM makes. Weren't some of the old TRU 6-packs made in numbers around that?

Thinking about it, I'd go as far to say I think the value for these will diminish over time. This year and next are looking really bad financially, and I think we're going to see a more firm ending to the post-covid sellers market. If there's still interest in GI Joe and o-ring joes a decade from now, they might pick up some value then.

Also, nice pose on the unreleased Rip It in the background!

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