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 Rules and Guidelines

July 04, 2023, 11:07:28 PM
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Rules and Guidelines
« on: July 04, 2023, 11:07:28 PM »

1: No Flaming, Personal Attacks or Harassing
I have a personal policy of calling it like I see it. At this forum however, I'd like the focus to stay on showcasing GI Joe photos, so please avoid picking a fight.

2: No Spam Links or Posts
Do not repeatedly post links to your unrelated personal endeavors or repeatedly make nonsense posts. Any links to GI Joe related content you've made for a blog or YouTube video are allowed and encouraged.

3: No Porn
No porn or graphic images of any kind. This does not apply to photos strictly of toys in any abstract way, so zombies or dirty jokes about Dr. Mindbender are okay.

4: Nothing Illegal
If something you'd like to post is illegal for any reason in your own country, please do not post it here.

5: No BST/Panhandling
In general I would like it if trades and purchases were not facilitated on this site. As well, do not come here begging for donations or anything of that nature.


Images from Other People:
It is okay to post catalog scans and old images from other people as long as it's clear where the image came from, or that it's not yours.

No Selfies or Extremely Low-Quality Pictures:
You do not have to take amazing pictures to post here, but images with egregious issues like real people or animals being prominently featured are not allowed.

Post as Much as You Like:
There's back end controls that let me limit the amount of images posted at any given time. Generally, most of us toss up a single picture and take turns, but it's perfectly reasonable to post several images at a time.

You do not have to comment on pictures to participate on this forum. My goal is solely to have a place where it's easy to look at a wealth of GI Joe photos (Although, nice comments are always appreciated.).

Construction Style:
Although this is "ARAH" Gallery, any GI Joe toys are welcome here. Your stunning GI Joe Extreme diorama you built in your basement does not have to hide any longer.
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