September 24, 2023, 05:05:36 PM
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Mobile Air Recon
Description: The Strato-Viper's file card referred to "Air-Vipers." I always wondered who those guys were, and what they looked like. Since I first started collecting seriously as a teenager, I've been stockpiling Wild Weasels to be "Air-Vipers," inspired by one issue of Special Missions where there were several generic Rattler pilots all wearing that suit. But since these Black Major figures came out in 2021, I'm starting to see them as generic Air-Vipers. That way I can get Wild Weasel back to being an individual. (In retrospect, it now seems obvious that "Air-Viper" probably meant Viper Pilots. But that never crossed my mind in early collecting days, possibly because I didn't have any Viper Pilots, at least not any that still had a logo.)
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September 20, 2023, 02:52:00 AM
I think I vaguely remember reading that filecard years ago and wondering about Air-Vipers, but as I have never used my Strato -Vipers, I wound up forgetting about the Air-Viper too. I really like the idea of army-building Wild Weasel just because that seems exotic and I've not seen something like it before, but this BM guy makes a solid Air-Viper too.

That's an amazing flight effect you got here, the tilt of the Gyrocopter looks perfect.

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